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Chrome Cultist is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Chrome Cult is part of the Old World Cultist religious group and considered a heresy of the Rust Cultist faith.


The Chrome Cultists, unlike their Rustish counterparts, believe that mankind once built the great God-Machines worshiped by mainline Rust Cult. Furthermore, they believe that these men and women of Old America - Father Ford especially - had such power that they could become like those Machines by joining as one with the Engines and other Devices to transcend their fleshy bodies. One day, when mankind has regained this power, all of the Chrome Cult shall become like gods! --in game description.


Chrome Cultist Characters in 2666[]

There is no notable Chrome Cultist character in 2666 but spawn as a heresy events in game so you (could) take it.

Holy sites[]

  • Palisades: The great eastern factory of Palisades is one of the oldest of the Old World's manufactories; legends speak of ships the size of castles rolling from its shipyards in a matter of days. Today Palisades builds ships much smaller, but no less important.
  • Cuyahoga: While pilgrims to the shores of Cuyahoga are gifted with many ruins and forges to pray in, the true point of reverence is the River of Flame. It is said that when the Machines Spirits grew angry with mortals, the very water itself had burned for days on end with the holy flame of industry.
  • Detroit: The homeland of the Motowners, Detroit boasts more Old World ruins and finds than almost any other place in the world. It was recently liberated from Canadian rule by the great Coleman Kirkpatrick, and seems poised to retake its dominance in the world of building and shipping.
  • Chicago: The great Queen of the West, Chicago sits at a crossroads of water and land, and those walking along the iron-roads of the Old World will always find themselves passing through. Chicago is hotly contested by many faiths, few of whom have reckoning for its wealth in technological relics.
  • Yohogania: Heart of the steel industry, Yohogania built the cities and machines of the Old World. Though the means by which Old America turned Yohogania into an engine of engines have long been lost, the city's mines and waterways keep it a place of reverence for the faithful.

In-game Features[]

Priests can inherit titles.

No opinion penalty against female rulers and heirs.

there is (and can exist) no religious head.

chrome cultist can take ambitions to remove irrational impulses.