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Choyero is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Norteño Culture Group.


When the Empire of California arose, the Celestial Emperor decreed that there is only one California. While the Colonization of the Baja created the Californiano culture, the existing Choyero still live in the southern half of the peninsula. And while some have adopted the Cetic philosophies, many still follow the Navigente faith.

Choyero Characters in 2666[]

  • King Gastón del Caballero of Baja
    • Prefect Iohan Ferrandes of Ensenada
      • Count Hernando de Fonpical of El Arco
      • Count Kino de Laciana of El Rosario
      • Count Salvador Vallejo of Guerrero Negro
    • Lord Proprietor Yuk Chang-Lin of Baja Sur[1]
      • Count Trinidad Marquez of Mulegé
      • Patrician Sergio la Flor
      • Patrician Vermundo Murrieta
    • Count Mariano Allende of Tijuana
  • Commodore Hernando Grijalva of Equinox Isles
  • Campéon Joaquin Vega of the Orden de la Máscara
  • Captain Bermudo of Masked Men of Capistrano
  • Captain Antonio of Corsairs of Cortés
  • Count Kino Guzman of Descanso

Choyero Titles[]


  • Californio Empire

Culture Sprawl[]


  1. This character is NOT Californio, but is included in this list anyway to better show his vassals who ARE Californio. This is also why his name is not linked here.