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Chino is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Norteño Culture group.


The Chino are unlike any other culture in Mexico. Their language is an odd blend of Spanish and some unknown tongue. They use odd pictograms in addition to the standard Latin Alphabet. They put their surname ahead of their given name. Even visually, they appear different from the rest of the Norteño population. It is unknown where exactly they came from, only that their odd traditions are shared by the Calaotians up north, and every now and then, an odd visitor from across the sea speaks of similar traditions...

Chino Characters in 2666[]

  • Lord Proprietor Yuk Chang-Lin of Baja Sur
    • Count Cao Vicente of Loreto
    • Countess Zhang Xiang of Los Cabos
    • Patrician Takamura Isamu
  • Duke Zhuo Minhua of Altar, often called "the Dragon"
  • Count Huo Reizo of Imperial

Chino Titles[]


  • Chino Empire

Culture Sprawl[]