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Chilango is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Mexicano Culture group.


The Chilango are found at what was once the center of Old Mexico, nestled in the eponymous Valley. What was once considered a derogatory term is now worn with pride by those who make up the Kingdom of Mexico, and people of this culture are often considered noble, zealous, and just people.

Chilango Characters in 2666[]

  • King Wenceslao Iturbide of Mexico
    • Duke Urbano de Bastidas of Hidalgo
    • Duke Marcos Zarco of Puebla
    • Count Baltasar de Oñate of Temascalcingo
    • Count Cuauhtémoc Iturbide of Toluca
  • Duke Baltasar Ceinos of Guanajuato
    • Count Ponce de Fuenleal of Celaya
    • Countess Cacilda de Herrera of León
  • Duke Jofre Ceinos of Querétaro
  • Duke Tito Ceinos of Los Altos
    • Count Bartolomé Chirino of Tapatitlán
  • Captain Olid of Palace Guard
  • Captain Kino of Tricolor Footmen
  • Patrician Cabrillo Madueña

Chilango Titles[]


  • Chilango Empire

Culture Sprawl[]