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Chapin was a Culture in After the End. It is part of the Centrolatino Culture group. It has since been split into the Trifinio and Nicoyano cultures.


The Chapin are the descendants of the people of Guatemala, and while some regional differences exist between the descendants of other previous Central American countries, they are minute enough that they can be ignored- at least until one reaches Costa Rica. While fairly large, the Chapin are divided into small realms due to differences in faith, with some ascribing to Mayan beliefs, and others to Mexican or Moskitian Christianity.

Chapin Characters in 2666[]

  • Duke Gilbratar Carbajal of Guatemala
  • Duke Salazar Delgadillo of Salvador
    • Count Osman Borja of Chalatenango
    • Count Policarpo Dimayuga of Chinandega
  • Duke Gustavo Adolfo Gallardo of Las Brumas
  • Captain Anastasio of Catrachos
  • Captain Modesto of Chapines
  • Captain Robel of Salvatruchos
  • Count Mario Arias of Tegucigalpa
  • Countess Evelyn Revetria of Comayagua

Chapin Titles[]


  • Chapin Empire

Culture Sprawl[]