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Celeste is one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Celeste is part of the Christian religious group, and is considered a heresy of the Apostolic faith.


"Far from the yoke of Sao Paulo, the gaúchos of the pampas have drifted away from the rigid dogma of the Empire. Emergent messianic practices are preached by mystical monks who claim to be reincarnations of previous figures, chief among them the "Christ-Woman" Jacobina. These mystical practices, combined with their egalitarianism and rejection of the material world has made them be seen as heretics by most Apostolics." In-game description of Celeste


  • High God: Deus
  • God Names: Deus, Jesus, Cristo-Mulher, The Monges and the Blessed Virgin
  • Evil God Names: The Devil, Satan and Lucifer
  • Scripture: The Bible

Holy Sites[]

Like most invaders, Celeste holy sites are more along the lines of major cities they'd like to have, being as the important cities to their faith are likely off the map.

  • Amapá
  • Boa Vista
  • Bogotá
  • Caracas
  • Panamá

As of 2666, no Holy Sites are controlled by Celeste rulers.

In-Game Features[]

  • The Altíssimo-Monge can Excommunicate Celeste characters
  • The Altíssimo-Monge can grant divorces
  • Priests (Temple Holders) can inherit titles
  • Priests can marry
  • Religion allows women to hold Temple Holdings
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers
  • A religious (the Altíssimo-Monge) head can be created by a special decision

As of 2666, Celeste has 20.0 Moral Authority. A temple holder of the Celeste faith is called a Bishop.

Religious Head[]

Contestado CoA.png

The religious head of the Celeste faith is the Altíssimo-Monge if male and the Jacobina if female of the Contestado. As of 2666, there is no Altíssimo-Monge, but the title can be created through a decision if a ruler has a rank higher than duke, controls 2 or more holy sites, and has more than 1000 purity (piety).


  • Celeste means "Heavenly" in Portuguese.