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Cascadian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the North Pacific Culture group.


The less populated area of the Cascadia region is home to the native Cascadians, a land strung between the encroaching First Nations and Californian kingdoms. Though a chunk of South-West Oregon is ruled by the Portlanders and Paiutes, the coast and the Californian kingdom of Jefferson are all Cascadian. Only the Oregon coast, however, is fully Gaian and Cascadian, as part of their lands are ruled by the Cetics "under" the Emperor of California.

Cascadian Characters in 2666[]

  • King Stanford Gable of Jefferson;
    • Prefect Jedediah Honeyman of Shasta Cascade, also known as The Hunter;
    • Prefect Milo Gearhart of Redwoods;
  • Duke Joaquin Thielsen of Willamette;
  • Captain Ladd of Keepers of the Green Peace;
  • Chieftess Alexandra Washburne of Deschutes;
  • Count Irrigon Tolovana of Josephine;
  • Count Jello Deschutes of Crater;
  • Chieftess Melissa Helmick of Klamath Falls;

Cascadian Titles[]


  • Cascadian Empire[1]

Traditional Titles[]

  • Empire of Cascadia[1]
  • Kingdom of Cascadia
  • North Jefferson
  • Highdesert
  • Willamette

Culture Sprawl[]

In Game Features[]

  • No opinion penalty for female rulers.
  • Can form the Cascadian Empire (not to be confused with the Empire of Cascadia).
  • Ranger Barracks building is active with this culture.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The Cascadian Empire is the formable culural Empire. The Empire of Cascadia is the existing de jure Empire.