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Caraqueño is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Costero culture group.


The people of Venezuela have centered their culture around the grand city of Caracas, and Venezolanos between the Paraguaná and Paria peninsulas will proudly self identify using the city's name.

Caraqueño Characters in 2666[]

  • Queen Chantal Serrano of Venezuela
    • Duke Rodolfo Serrano of Lara
      • Count Vidal Balderas of Barquisimeto
      • Count Jeronimo Esparza of Tocuyo
    • Count Elvis Jonaitis of Anaco
    • Countess Ninibeth Torres of Mirabel
  • Duke Jóvito Arrendondo of Falcón
  • Duke Espartaco Belmonte of Sucre
  • Capitán Hengelberth of Rojos del Ávila

Caraqueño Titles[]


  • Caracas Grande

Traditional Titles[]

  • Venezuela

Culture Sprawl[]