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Calypsonian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Caribbanglo Culture group.


Descendants of Afro-Anglo settlers in the Antilles and Tucupita, this culture is split between the Caribbean Empire and Grand Trinidad. Similarly to their West Indian brothers, they follow the Rastafarian faith.

Calypsonian Characters in 2666[]

  • King Stokely Best of Grand Trinidad;
  • Captain Bravo of Freesails of Trinidad;
  • Marquis Clifton Collymoore of Windward Isles;
  • Marquis Ramjohn Opel of Leeward Isles;
  • Countess Millicent Conner of Andros;

Calypsonian Titles[]


  • Calypsonian Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Grand Trinidad

Culture Sprawl[]