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Brethren is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Brethren is part of the Nautical religious group.


"With a strong tradition for seafaring and a reputation for robbery and murder, most call the Brethren pirates. This assessment is not far from the truth. Though the Brethren follow a Code of the Sea, they are loosely organized and live mostly to plunder riches from the weak. All of their gods have some link to the ocean, which they consider the source of all life and all wealth." ― Brethren description from the game


The Brethren is practiced by a great amount of small independent lords. Usually ruling on one or a few islands in the middle of the ocean, usually far enough from the coast so to not attract dangerous attentions, followers of the Brethren hang on an harsh, dangerous life of war and plunder.

Brethren characters in 2666[]

Independent & Their Vassals[]

  • Commodore Hernando Grijalva of Equinox Islands;
  • Commodore Frensel Overmars of Leeward Antilles, also known as The Lash of the Hangman;
    • Captain Theric Schoolen of Bonaire;
    • Captain Papito Molders of Aruba;
  • High Chief Reginald Coddington of Bermuda;
  • High Chief James Etona of Channel Islands, also known as The Hook;
  • Captain Jack Passer of Tortuga, also known as The Savvy;
  • Captain Luther Galley of Islas de Bahía, also known as The Black;
  • Captain Orlando Bello of Coiba, also known as The Mad;
  • Captain Roman Herrera of Cozumel, also known as Half-Hand;

Vassals of a Lord of Different Faith[]

  • Captain Henry Morgan Axe of San Andrés;
  • Captain Macond Philippi of Caloosahatchee;

Mercenary Bands[]

  • The Morgan Marines, presently led by Captain Núñez;
  • The Boucaniers, presently led by Captain Bellamy;
  • The Freesails of Trinidad, presently led by Captain Manny;
  • The Black Flag Raiders, presently led by Captain Jerome;
  • The North Sea Whalers, presently led by Captain Pamiuq;
  • The Dread Pirates, presently led by Captain Thomas;
  • The Bermuda Barracudas, presently led by Captain Nathan;
  • The Dogs of War, presently led by Boss Fortunato;

Holy Orders[]

  • The Keepers of the Code, presently led by Warchief Bartholomew;

Holy Sites[]


The Brethren faith has five holy sites, all located within the Caribbean region and derived from traditional pirate locales:

  • Surrey
  • New Providence
  • Tortuga
  • Islas de la Bahìa
  • New Orleans

As of 2666, only the holy sites of Islas de la Bahìa and Tortuga are held by a member of the Brethren faith. The rest are all held by lords of other faith, with many (Surrey and New Providence) under the lordship of the Rastafarian Caribbean Empire. Meanwhile, New Orleans is held by the Voodoo burghers of New Orleans.

In-game features[]

Weak rulers of the Brethren faith can prepare invasions. Brethren Priests can marry and inherit titles, and women can own temple holdings. Rulers can raid infidels and their fleets can navigate major rivers. There is (and can be) no religious head.

Men of Brethren faith can take up to 3 concubines;

As of 2666, Brethren has a 40.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Brethren faith is called Pilot.


  • Many Brethren rulers and mercenary commanders are based on real life pirates or on pop-culture references.