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Bolivarense is a culture in After the End. It is part of the Orinocoense Culture group.


Where the plains of Venezuela turn into the jungles of Bolívar, there one can find the eponymous Bolivarense. While not completely covered by jungle, enough of the land is so that the people who dwell within are often thought of as uncivilized, like their Amazonian neighbors (this despite the fact they are just as built up as their northern neighbors). Even the ferocious Llanero fear to cross the Orinoco, for fear of a tripped horse leading to an ambush.

Bolivarense Characters in 2666[]

  • Queen Simóneta Bolivaríana of Bolívar
    • Countess Lara Alfaro of Maripa
    • Count Edorta Regueiro of Piar
    • Count Stalin Velázquez of Sifontes
    • Countess Yaxeni Verreos of Autana
  • Duke Liborio Cruz of Monagas
  • Earl Alvino Márquez of Antonio Díaz

Bolivarense Titles[]


  • Bolívarense Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Bolívar

Culture Sprawl[]