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Historical Bloodlines[]

Name Founder Founding Date Inheritance Opinions Other Modifiers Flavor Text
Tlgunghung Blood King Yahl Gwaawaas of Haida Tlgunghung 2520 Patrilineal +5 Haida+5 Xhúuyee K'iigaang

+5 Reformed Xhúuyee K'iigaang

+3 Martial+10 Personal Combat Skill Yahl Gwaawaas Tlgunghung fulfilled the dreams of his legendary father and united the entire northwest coast under the rule of the Haida
Venable Blood Emperor Baldwin I of the Holy Columbian Confederacy 2524 Patrilineal +5 Southron Opinion +0.20 Monthly Prestige+5 Personal Combat Skill The Venable dynasty rose to prominence later in the history of the Holy Columbian Confederacy, producing over half a dozen Emperors.
Nyabinghi Blood Empress Portia of the Carribean Empire 2628 Matrilineal +5 Rastafarian +5 West Indian +0.10 Monthly Prestige Portia Nyabinghi, uniter of the Caribbean, was said to be the reincarnation of the Zion Queen Nyabinghi, who once held a great Mansion in Jamaicia.
Blood of Albert Soady Albert Soady 2621 Patrilineal +5 Norse+5 Reformed Norse

+5 Viking

+5 Nautical

+5 Ravager

+5 Sea King

+5 Sea Queen

+8 Personal Combat SkillRaiding can give the Viking Traits Albert Soady embarked on the greatest Viking raid in American history. His name still sparks fear everywhere east of the Mississippi.
The Blessed Blood of Zakariyya Imam Zakariyya I 2050 Patrilineal +5 Khalifi+3 Imamite +0.10 Monthly Piety+5 Personal Combat Skill Zakariyya I supposedly seized the chaos of the Event to establish an Imamite kingdom in SoCal, and lived to be 100 years old.
Blood of the Lawgiver Celestial Emperor Elton I 2421 Patrilineal +5 Cetic +0.20 Monthly Prestige+0.02 Monthly Karma

+5 Personal Combat Skill

Elton the Lawgiver established both the Californian Empire and modern Cetic philosophical thought, uniting all of old California under one flag and one religion.
Royall Blood Emperor Leonidas I of the Holy Columbian Confederacy 2382 Patrilineal +5 Evangelical +0.20 Monthly Prestige+5 Personal Combat Skill

Periodically attracts the servitude of Great Warriors (if Evangelical)

Leonidas Royall united the entire Deep South and established the Holy Columbian Confederacy, which he claimed was a true successor state to the old Empire of America.
Littlepage Blood Emperor Wade of the Holy Columbian Confederacy 2659 Patrilineal +5 Southron+5 Evangelical +0.10 Monthly Prestige The Littlepage dynasty took control of the Holy Columbian Confederacy in the mid-2600s, displacing the Venable dynasty.
Freelander Blood Jonathan "the Hammer" 2521 Patrilineal +5 North Pacific+10 Gaian +2 Martial+5 Personal Combat Skill Jonathan Freeland established a Kingdom of Cascadia in the Northwest, although it did not stand the test of time.
Iturbidean Blood Julian Iturbide 2453 Patrilineal +5 Mexicano +0.10 Personal Combat Skill The House of Iturbide was founded by the legendary Augustine of Mexico. A man named Julian later re-established the dynast after the Event.
Rodhamite Blood King Ellis the Liberator 2430 Patrilineal -15 Occultist +0.25 Monthly Prestige+10 Personal Combat Skill Descended from the prominent pre-Event political family, the rodham dynasty liberated the Kingdom of Hudonia from Mahonic rule.
Sulleyan Blood King Newman of Moskitia 2420 Patrilineal +5 Miskito+5 Falling Star +0.10 Monthly Prestige The Sulley dynasty is unique among pre-Event families in that its rule of their native land of Moskita was (supposedly) uninterrupted.
Irving Blood King Tarleton of The Maritimes 2469 Patrilineal -5 Maritimer +0.10 Mothly Prestige+2 Stewardship

+5 Personal Combat Skill

Claiming descent from a legendary pre-Event family, Tarleton Irving was the last great Druidic conqueror, uniting the Maritimes and ruling them with an iron fist.
Rothschild Blood Lazar of Brooklyn 2654 Patrilineal +5 Yiddish+5 Jewish +0.10 Monthly Prestige+2 Stewardship Rising from obscure origins in the time after the Event, the Rothschild family became one of the most powerful merchant families in the Republic of New York.
Gutfreund Blood Levi the Liberator of Teykhvald 2664 Patrilineal +5 Yiddish+5 Jewish +2 Martial+5 Personal Combat Skill Levi te Liberator established Orthodox Jewish rule over the country of Lakewood after leading a successful peasant revolt in the mid-2600s.
Legendary Blood of Gabriel Dumont Maytr Gabriel of Granville 2659 Patrilineal +5 Metis+5 Blackfoot +0.20 Monthly PrestigePeriodically attracts the servitude of Great Warriors (if Exovedate) The martial cunning of Gabriel Dumont during the La Rebellion Metisse has led many to call him the reincarnation of a renowned Metis leader from a long lost era.
Blood of Kirk Prefect Kirk Redwood of Nevada 2615 Patrilineal +5 Cascadian +0.20 Prestige+5 Personal Combat Skill Kir Gable protected the lands of Jefferson during the Green Sash revolt and early Warlord period, and won the adoration of its people.
Mahonic Blood Vincent I Mahonic 2306 Patrilineal +5 Yankee+5 Occultist

+5 Reformed Occultist

+5.0% Morale Defense+10 Personal Combat Skill The Mahonic dynasty once ruled everything from Buffalo to New Brunswick. Its founder, Vincent, is still revered as a living god by many Occultists.
Castelian Blood Veronique "the Bold" 2588 Matrilineal +10 Ursuline +5 Personal Combat Skill Queen Veronique of Castel united the Kingdom of Quebec in the 2500s. Although the kingdom did not survive her death, her descendants are numerous and influential.
Blood of the Falso Libertador Caudillo Zacarias I 2553 Patrilineal +5 Patria Grande Periodically attracts the servitude of Great Warriors (if Patria Grande) Zacarias "Falso Libertador" ws a legendary conqueror who many believed was destined to restore the Gran Colombia. His short-lived empire crumbled after his death.
Gee Blood Duke Lucius the Wise 2420 Patrilineal +5 Tuskegean

+5 Evangelical

+0.10 Monthly Prestige The Gee family is one of the oldest and most prestigious families of the Holy Columbian Confederacy, even rising as high as to be elected Emperor on one occasion.