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Bickertonite was one of the faiths practiced in After the End. Bickertonite was part of the Latter-Day Saints religious group, and was considered a Mormon heresy. It was replaced by the Neo-Godbeite faith in the February 25th 2021 update as part of the "Fixed issue with religious features" changelog.


"The Bickertonite faithful consider themselves the true continuation of the Mormon faith, following the events of the calamity. The Bickertonites believe that they have a sacred duty to share the gift of salvation with people of every race, and allow women to be ordained into the priesthood, unlike other LDS sects." ― In-Game description of Bickertonite


Bickertonites are one of the many Latter-Day Saints sects that detached from the main branch before the Event. While their beliefs have survived the Event, their faith is not followed at present by any ruler.

Bickertonite Characters in 2666[]

There is no notable Bickertonite character in 2666.

Holy Sites[]

  • Tuba
  • La Moine
  • Salt Lake
  • Moks
  • Provo

In-Game Features[]

There is no religious head of the Bickertonite faith, but The President can be nominated by a powerful character's decision. Bishops may pay tax to the President or to their liege, and are allowed to marry.

  • There is no opinion penalty against female rulers or heirs.
  • As of 2666, Mormonism has 20.0 moral authority.
  • A temple holder of the Bickertonite faith is called a Bishop.


  • Bickertonite is based on the Church of Jesus Christ, also known as Bickertonite Church. Part of the Latter-Day Saints movement, the Church was founded by William Bickerton.