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Aria de Machete is one of the faiths practiced in After the End, a pagan religion in South America. All the Aria de Machete rulers are tribal and are of Llanero culture. Since they are the only large pagan religion outside of the former USA and Canada, you are aren't gonna be able to marry or ally any of the surrounding Tres Potencias or Patria Grande rulers.


"The Songs of Machete are the old oral tradition of the nomads who roam the Llanos. The storytellers preserve in the form of joropo ballads the tales of the terrifying “rancheros”, capricious supernatural being who govern the destinies of men. The faithful of the Llanos spirituality are sharply divided between those who think men should govern the land and those who favour the rule of women" ― In-game description of Aria de Machete


  • High God: Rucio Moro
  • God Names: Juan Machete, Florentino Cazadiablos, La Bolefuego and La Sayona
  • Evil God Names: Satan
  • Scripture: The Songs of Machete

Holy Sites[]

  • Apure
  • Caracas
  • Ciudad Bolívar
  • Sogamoso
  • Villacencio

As of 2666, only Villacencio and Apure all held by rulers of the Aria de Machete faith. Caracas and Ciudad Bolívar are held by the Tres Potencias faith, while Sogamoso is held by Marquis Pablo Vicario of Santander, a follower of the Patria Grande faith.

In-Game Features[]

  • Female rulers may try to supernaturally obtain a lover.
  • Rulers can try to supernaturally affect their child's health, either positively or negatively. The child must be below the age of 6 for this decision to be available.
  • Male rulers may attempt to pray for strength or fertility for themselves or others.
  • Rulers can not demand conversion
  • Priests (Temple holders) can inherit titles
  • Priests can marry
  • Rulers can raid infidel neighbors for loot
  • Vassals do not mind if their levies are raised
  • Rulers lose Prestige if at peace for too long
  • Can be Reformed
  • There is (And can´t exist) no religious head
  • Women may hold spymaster positions

Aria de Machete has two religious branches that control succession. The first, Macho Stallions, limits rulers to Agnatic succession. The second, Night Mares, limits rulers to Enatic succession. Players can change their branches once per lifetime. This decision is disabled for the AI to prevent succession weirdness. Rulers can pray to Rucio Moro for prosperity. The Religious head of the Aria de Machete faith holds the titular title of the Song of the Machete.

Aria de Machete Characters in 2666[]

Independent and their vassals[]

  • High Chieftness Bárbara Gallegos of Apure
    • Chieftess Catalina Ortega of Arauca
    • Chieftess Zoraida Otero of Órocue
  • High Chief Arturo II Cova of Meta
    • Chief Joaquín Gutiérrez of Barranco Minas
    • Chief Norberto Ureno of Cumaribo
  • High Chief Evaristo Luzardo of Portuguesa
    • Chief Hidalgo Cayes of Calabozo
    • Chief Emilio Quevedo of El Baúl

Vassals of a Noble of Different Faith[]

  • Chief Vicente Bolvaríana of Atures


  • The Aria de Machete faith is the only major pagan faith outside of the former United States and Canada.