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Appalachian is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the South Anglo Culture group.


The people of Old Appalachia. Famed for their remarkably strong traditions and odd religious beliefs, with most of them subscribing to either Charismatism or its devolved cousin, Revelationism, with some of them adhering to the Rust Cult.

Appalachian Characters in 2666[]

  • Oligarch Mary Harris of Transallegheny;
    • Magnate Hugh Scruggs of Kanawha;
    • Conductor Silas Busby of New River;
    • Conductor Jules Stanley of Monongalia;
  • Grand Duke Lilburn Kay of Blue Ridge;
  • Grand Duke John Clapp of East Tennessee;
    • Count Adam Spiegel of Chattanooga;
  • Lord Mayor Simon Strate of Carthage;
  • Conductor Edward of Laurel Highlands;
  • Count Sander Harland of Corbin;
  • Chief John Lee Pettimore of Sequatchie;

Appalachian Titles[]


  • Appalachian Empire

Traditional Titles[]

  • Appalachia
  • East Tennessee
  • Blue Ridge

Culture Sprawl[]