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Aphite is one of the religions practiced in After the End. Aphite is part of the Old World Cultist religious group and considered an heresy of the Atomicist faith.


"Originating in the hazy time of the event, Aphites believe and pay reverence to a church known as the Atomic Priesthood teaches of a story of creation involving a great cosmic explosion that formed the many Elements that make up the world. However, by the hands of the Traitor-God Atomos, the state of the universe was defiled, and reality had become inherently tainted. Born from a strong medical tradition, Aphites place a great importance on the healthiness of the human body, and as such, fear the damage radiation can cause. Aphites insist on fighting the darkness created by Atomos, and as such, are staunchly opposed to Atomicism." ― In-Game description of Aphite


While they have fallen out of favor in the last centuries, there are messages scattered throughout Atomicist lands. Important messages. They warn of a place where death is certain, and where there is no honor to be found. What is found is dangerous and repulsive. They warn as one goes further, the danger only grows. They warn that this danger is still there...

This is not a place of honor.

Aphite Characters in 2666[]

Allysia Warmsands has a child with Chief Brumby McJunkin of Phoenix, and a scripted event a couple months into the start of the game will allow Brumby to invite her back to his court and turn Aphite himself.

Holy Sites[]

  • Three Mile Island
  • Los Alamos
  • Alameda
  • Knox
  • Chicago

In-Game Features[]

Priests may marry, inherit titles, and women may own temple holdings. There is a religious head, the High Priest of the Atomic Priesthood, currently High Priest Armstrong, a cursed by the atom genius. With The Reapers Due DLC, Aphite characters with theological educations get the Renown Physician trait. Aphite Rulers are highly aggressive. Aphite soldiers ignore defensive attrition. Vassals do not mind if levies are raised.

As of 2666, Aphite has 26.3 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Aphite faith is called an adjunct.


  • Aphite is based on the warnings set up around areas with nuclear radiation, warning future generations to keep away, since the radiation symbol may not be recognizable as "danger". This is known as "Nuclear semiotics".