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Anjalusi is a culture in After the End. It's in the Californian culture group.


Anjalusi culture originated by a mixing of far off cultures and the native Angeleno culture of Socal. They used to rule all of Socal and almost conquered the kingdom of the Valley until Imam Jamal Abbas was killed by the King of The Valley.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Anjalusi culture has the Wheeler cultural retinue and the Fedayeen. It has 150 Heavy infantry and 150 Pikemen with combat bonuses of +10% Infantry Morale, +40% Heavy Infantry Attack, +10% Pikemen Morale, and +40% Pikemen Defense. It costs 825 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.21, and 116 creation cost. Fedayeen retinue has 400 light cavalry with combat bonuses of +20% Light Cavalry Morale, +20% Light Cavalry Attack, and +40% Light Cavalry Defense. It costs 1200 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.30, and 168 creation cost.

Anjalusi Characters in 2666[]

  • Imam Zakariyya II Abbas
  • Captian Ayman of the Balboa Warriors
  • Sir Rodger Dowler of Crossed Scimitars

Anjalusi Titles[]


Empire of Al-Anjalus

Cultural Sprawl[]