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Angeline is one of the Religions practiced in After the End. Angeline is part of the Christian religious group, and considered an heresy of the Ursuline faith.


"The Angelines also originated as an antediluvian religious order, but they live very different lives from their Ursuline counterparts. Whereas the Ursulines emphasize the monastic lifestyle and the primacy of the Church, Angelines more strongly emphasize cohabitation with the secular world." ― In-Game description of Angeline


The Angeline survived the fall of the Old World much like the Ursuline, but it was only the second group that raised to a prominent role of power, especially after the ascension of an Ursuline to the Papal seat (the first and last woman to hold the title, followed by a definitive split between the Ursuline and the Papacy). Overtime, the two groups became bitter rivals, but the political power of the Ursuline guaranteed their ascension to the main faith, while the Angeline were deemed an heresy and forced into hiding.

Angeline Characters in 2666[]

There is no prominent Angeline character in 2666

Holy Sites[]

  • Cap Diamant
  • Hochelaga
  • Baawitigong
  • Detroit
  • New Orleans

In-Game Features[]

Women may own temple holdings and receive no opinion penalties for ruling or being heir. There is (and can be) no religious head.

As of 2666, Angeline has 20.0 moral authority.

A temple holder of the Angeline faith is called a prioress.


  • The Company of St.Ursula, better known as Angeline is a real institution within the Roman Catholic Church. It is from them that the Order of St.Ursula, better known as Ursuline and inspiration for the faith in After the End, derives.