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Angeleno is a culture in After the End. It's part of the Californian Culture group.


Though centered on the Los Angeles - San Diego axis, the Angeleno stretches far into the Mojave Desert and the arid interior of southern California. The Angelenos consider themselves descendants of the stars themselves, and fetishs of a small golden spirit named "Oscar" are frequent attractions in their cities.

Cultural Retinue[]

The Angeleno culture has the Wheeler cultural retinue. It has 150 Heavy infantry and 150 Pikemen with combat bonuses of +10% Infantry Morale, +40% Heavy Infantry Attack, +10% Pikemen Morale, and +40% Pikemen Defense. It costs 825 retinue cap, monthly maintenance of 0.21, and 116 creation cost.

Angeleno Characters in 2666[]

  • King Ronald Carmine of Socal;
    • Prefect Dustin Garland of Berdoo, also known as The Accursed;
      • Count Sonny Stewart of Riverside;
    • Prefect Flynn Crawford of Los Padres, also known as The Merry;
    • Lord Proprietor Harold Hughes of Los Angeles;
      • Lord Mayor Harrison Cohn of Orange;
    • Countess Lillian Harlow of Pendleton, also known as The Old;
    • Count Rock Douglas of Blythe;
    • Count Denzel Brando of Barstow;
  • Captain Blaine of The Old Breed;
  • Captain Kane of Extras;
  • Captain Orson of Chargers;

Angeleno Titles[]


  • Angeleno Empire

Culture Sprawl[]