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Ammon-Jaffar Ababwa is the Emir of Suncoast. An adventurer who lead his fellow Orientalists down to old Tampa Bay to establish a new homeland for the faithful. Providing escort in the employ of Ammon-Jaffar was Captain Joseph Gasparilla, a pirate who knew the waters well. In the year 2633, at the age of 33, Ammon-Jaffar's ships came into the bay and laid claim to Tampa, Palmetto, and St. Petersburg. For his service Ammon-Jaffar provided Joseph Gasparilla a government position and vast liberties in governing neighboring Caloosahatchee from which is pirates now operate as a stronghold. Work at securing the new territory lead him to marriage with Za'eema, the daughter of then ruler of Lochloosa- an Americanist feudal realm to the north. This union has bonded the realm in an agreement of non-aggression allowing Ammon-Jaffar to focus on his eastern ambition; the holy site of Kissimee in Oralando.


  • Wife: Za'eema Azalea (an Americanist from the northern realm of Lochloosa where her brother governs as a Major)
  • Son: Ali Ababwa