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Acadien is a Culture in After the End. It's part of the Gallomerican Culture group.


Strewn all over the Canadian Maritime lands for centuries, the often persecuted Acadien culture has survived up to and past the Event, against all odds. Their northern population is mostly pagan Occultist, but an Ursuline Acadien presence exists in southwestern Nova Scotia. Most of their holdings are vassals to the Maritime kingdom in Atlantic Canada, but a few rivaling fiefdoms continue to hold the lands north of what was once New Brunswick. An Acadien pirate captain has also established a smuggling haven in the Madeleine Islands and has her eyes set on the mainland.

Acadien Characters in 2666[]

  • Commodore Laurent de Graff of Miquelon;
  • Captain Armédée of Foreign Legion;
  • Chief Chenard d'Angeac of Chaleur;
  • Captain Jacquotte Gallante of Madeleine, also known as "The Wolf of Madeleine";

Acadien Titles[]


  • Acadien Empire
  • Nouvelle-France

Culture Sprawl[]